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Should I Get a Master's in Communication?

An MS in Communication can help you hone your skills and advance your communication career.

The information age is all about communication, which is why job opportunities in the communication field are expanding. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that, between 2016 and 2026, jobs for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers will increase by 10%, jobs for technical writers will increase by 11%, and jobs for public relations specialists will increase by 9%.* And those are just a few of the fields you can enter when you’re qualified to work in communications.

How do you qualify for the top communication jobs? One of the best ways is to earn an MS in Communication. Rather than being just another business degree, a master of science degree in communication is a specialized degree designed specifically for those who want start a communication career and/or take their communication career to the highest level.

Should I Get a Master's in Communication?

What Will You Learn?

A master’s degree in communication can give you a professional edge in an industry that’s ever-changing. Coursework covers a wide variety of business communication topics, including communication technologies, digital communication, social media communication, global communication, organizational communication, and communication in the workplace.

In addition, the degree will help you improve and hone your communication skills, advancing your ability to communicate across multiple platforms and to multiple audiences. This breadth of ability is exceptionally important in a world where businesses must be able to utilize everything from social media to traditional advertising to personal e-mails to consumers, all while maintaining a strong, consistent brand image and an internal communication system that ensures everyone in the organization is on the same page.

While a bachelor’s degree in communication can give you an introduction to the complexity of modern communication, an MS degree can take your knowledge and skills to the next level to effectively develop, execute, and measure integrated communication strategies using both traditional and innovative channels. Learning outcomes of the MS in Communication degree program include the abilities to:

  • Critically analyze media from producer and consumer perspectives.
  • Apply communication theories and principles effectively.
  • Use appropriate traditional and digital media to attain desired results.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how the regulatory environment impacts the communication field.
  • Evaluate communication plans and activities.
  • Implement communication plans and activities that will result in achievement of organizational goals.
  • Practice ethically in the field of communication.
  • Communicate professionally with stakeholders.
  • Use the creative process to solve organizational issues.

What Jobs Can You Become Qualified For?

Whether you’re looking to become a business communication manager for an international company, a top creative in an ad agency, a sought-after consultant for politicians, or an HR professional specializing in employee communication, an MS in Communication can help you reach your career goals.

Those who hold an MS in Communication work in such fields as:

  • Corporate communications
  • Advertising
  • Media management
  • Nonprofit communication management
  • Editing/reporting
  • Training development
  • Speechwriting 
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Copywriting
  • Employee relations
  • Social media
  • Lobbying
  • Organizational development  

How Can You Earn Your MS Degree?

One of the best ways to earn an advanced communication degree is through online education. That’s because online learning makes it possible to keep working full time while you earn your degree. Forget taking time out of your day to drive to a campus—an online communication degree program allows you to complete your coursework from home or from anywhere else you have internet access. Plus, an online master’s program allows you to attend class at whatever time of day works best for your schedule.

Communication is a fast-growing and rewarding field. When you attend an online university and earn your MS in Communication, you can put yourself in position to have a successful communication career.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering an MS in Communication degree program online. Expand your career options and earn your degree using a convenient, flexible learning platform that fits your busy life.

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