Online Education Doctoral Programs

Online Education Doctoral Programs

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Lead the Change You Want to See With Walden’s Education Doctoral Programs

You have the passion and the experience to transform education in your school and district. Now it’s time to pursue the credentials to match—with Walden’s education doctoral programs. Our Doctor of Education program and our PhD program in education focus on the practical knowledge you need to drive meaningful change for your learning community.

Whether you want to make an impact as a practitioner or researcher, you can trust in Walden’s education leadership. We’re No. 1 in education professional doctoral and PhD graduates in the U.S.¹, with more than five decades of distance learning expertise.


Doctoral Education Programs

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FAQ About Online Education Doctoral Programs

What can you do with a PhD in Education?

An online PhD in Education program can help prepare students for influential roles in academia, research, government education agencies, business, industry, and the nonprofit sector. Top careers for PhD in Education graduates include:

  • Professor in secondary and higher education

  • University dean or associate dean

  • Education policymaker or policy writer

  • K-12 administrator

  • School district superintendent

  • Curriculum director

  • Education consultant

  • Education researcher

  • Education program director or coordinator

  • Adult educator and trainer

What is the difference between a PhD in Education and a Doctor of Education (EdD)?

PhD in Education programs prepare students to conduct research, while EdD programs prepare students to apply research to an educational setting.

Students in PhD in Education programs focus on developing theories and research, with the goal of expanding knowledge in the field of education. These students work on mastering the skills necessary to develop theories, test those theories, and confirm the validity of those theories.

Students in EdD programs, by contrast, focus on solving problems within the practice of education. To do this, they work on acquiring the tools and skills necessary to use research—both their own and that of others—to improve educational practices and outcomes in a specific setting.

How long does it take to earn a doctoral degree in education?

The amount of time it takes to complete your doctoral degree will depend on your previous educational experience and how long you work on your dissertation or doctoral study.

Doctor of Education (EdD) candidates complete a minimum of 79 quarter credits. The minimum time to degree completion is 2.75 years.

PhD in Education candidates complete a minimum of 86 quarter credits, including a doctoral capstone with a minimum of 20 credits. The minimum time to degree completion is 3 years.

An Enrollment Specialist can go over the options with you and discuss your individual time commitment.

What are the benefits of earning a PhD in Education or a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree?

The benefits of earning your doctorate in education are numerous. The PhD in Education and Doctor of Education (EdD) are terminal degrees in education, which means earning your doctorate will put you among the most educated in your field.

The EdD program is designed for education professionals who wish to contribute to and advance the practice of education, while the PhD in Education program positions graduates to strengthen the field from scientific, theoretical, and technological standpoints.

Your doctorate can be an important part of your résumé and can help demonstrate to potential employers that you have the education and skills necessary to succeed at a high level.

How do I earn a doctorate in education?

One of the best ways to earn a doctorate in education is through an online degree program. Unlike campus-based programs that require you to commute to class at specific times, online graduate degree programs give you an exceptional level of convenience and flexibility.

In an online doctoral program, you can complete the majority of your degree program from home. In addition, when you earn a doctorate in education online, you can take advantage of flexible scheduling that lets you attend classes and handle coursework at the time of day that works best for you, meaning you can earn your doctorate while continuing to work full time.

Do I need to go to school full time to earn a PhD in Education or a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree?

No. Students may enroll either full time or part time. Students receiving federal financial aid must know and meet the enrollment requirements for continued aid and/or education loan deferment eligibility.

In addition, an online doctoral program can offer you the flexibility you need to earn your degree while balancing work and family responsibilities. In an online program, you can complete the majority of your coursework right from home or from anywhere else you have internet access. An online doctoral program can also give you the freedom to attend class at whatever time of day works best for you, allowing you to fit your education into your existing schedule.