Face-to-face residencies in convenient locations throughout the year provide an important opportunity to:

  • Meet with faculty members.
  • Enhance your writing, research, and critical-thinking skills.
  • Share experiences and insights with students with similar interests.
  • Work directly with student support staff.

Focus: Preparing you to design and implement a doctoral study by introducing you to skills for success in the doctoral program.

Format: Face-to-face over three days, as part of Walden’s residencies. Series of large group colloquia and critical skills seminars.

Requirement: Students must fulfill one residency requirement. It is highly recommended and strongly encouraged that students fulfill this requirement during their first year in the program, either the first or second semesters. Students are required to complete their mandatory residency by the end of their second year.

See the locations and dates of residencies that are available to current students.

Residency Learning Outcomes

EdD Residency (Required)
  1. Engage faculty and peers in discourse that contributes to the collective advancement of scholarship
  2. Conceptualize and design doctoral project studies that reflect doctoral-level thinking and have the potential to contribute to positive social change
  3. Articulate how to implement the program’s scope and sequence to meet the particular program’s requirements and expectations
  4. Demonstrate skills to communicate effectively and appropriately in a variety of professional and interpersonal contexts

Advanced EdD Residency (Optional)

  1. Collaborate with faculty and peers to advance project study completion
  2. Apply appropriate research design to project study
  3. Critically review the Project Study proposal including results that follow from data collection and analysis
  4. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with others in a variety of settings

For more information about how residencies enhance your academic experience, call 1-866-492-5336.

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