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Spotlight on Walden // Oct 11, 2016

Inspiration to Volunteer

Walden Global Days of Service project in Baltimore, Md.Global Days of Service project in Baltimore, Md.

Calling all volunteers! Have you selected a Global Days of Service project to complete during the week of October 17–23? Ramp up your excitement to channel Walden’s mission of positive social change by reading inspiring words from members of our community about what makes a good volunteer and why you should make time in your busy schedule to give back:

Lulu Williamson, PhD
Director, Cross-College Initiatives

“A great volunteer is adventurous and curious. They don’t mind getting outside of their comfort zone. They are flexible and open-minded. Things don’t always go as planned—and that’s OK! They are also proactive and creative; problem-solving is the key to most volunteer opportunities.

“If you’re already overloaded with work, family, and academic responsibilities, consider volunteering as a vacation! Getting a new perspective by volunteering will always put your own life’s challenges into scale.”

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Micah Griffin ’15
2015 Scholar of Change, PhD in Health Services Student, and Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Graduate

“Great volunteers have three specific traits: selflessness, commitment, and vision. Selflessness to understand that your time is a valuable asset and when it’s offered to improve your community or a specific cause, it makes a difference in other people’s lives. Commitment is important because it requires ongoing involvement to see your work pay off. Finally, vision is essential when volunteering because while you might think you’re just helping out, your ideas and perspective may add value to the organization you are supporting and help its mission expand.

“We all have busy schedules. With time being our most valuable asset, it’s important to find a great match with a reputable organization and work with their staff to identify your strengths and where you can provide the biggest benefit, even if it’s just one hour—that hour can make a much-needed difference in someone’s life."

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Dr. Susan Bishop ’16
PhD in Management Graduate

“A good volunteer is anyone who is willing to spend time helping others, is flexible, and can go with the flow. It’s essential to be able to work with all types of people, including children, seniors, the hungry, and people who are disabled. When you volunteer, it is a time to accept that all people need help and to give without restriction.

“I have always felt that clearing your mind of your own needs and your own pressures only helps you do better in the long run. When you give to others, you return to your own life changed and ready to go. Start small. Volunteer for a couple of hours walking shelter dogs, for example. It gets you outdoors and clears your head while doing a good deed. You do not have to start with a full day—even an hour helps.”

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Jackie Kundert Moon ’11
2015 Scholar of Change and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Completion Program Graduate

“Great volunteers are giving, selfless people who wish to bring good things to others who may be less fortunate. They want to bring happiness to those in need who could use the lift and their burden lightened.

“Many times you get back more in the amazing warm feelings volunteering brings than your time invested. The feeling is priceless. Giving even a little of your time can fill your heart. We need to teach our children this concept, in a time where people’s lives are hectic; we need to take the time to share our gifts.”

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