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Walden Magazine // Jan 04, 2017

Social Change: A Mission for All Seasons

Four seasons of social change to help you make a difference in 2017

Tree through the 4 seasonsMaking positive social change happen, whether around the corner or across the globe, has been at the core of what we do as Walden alumni, students, and faculty since the university was founded in 1970. From fighting bias in law enforcement and advocating for victims of domestic violence to ensuring access to education and protecting the planet, you are leading the way. A Walden education provides the knowledge, insights, and connections you need to effect real, life-altering change for those who may not have the voice or power to make those changes on their own.

This yearlong social change agenda gives you the chance to get involved—perhaps with a cause that you haven’t previously supported—and to learn more about how your fellow alumni are making a difference. We hope you’ll find ways to participate at all levels: building awareness, taking action, or even becoming an advocate.