What Can I Do With a Master’s in Psychology?

Versatile, practical, and pertinent to many careers, a master’s degree in psychology is a graduate degree you can put to work.

If you’re interested in pursuing a master’s degree in psychology—or you’ve already entered a psychology master’s program—you may be unaware of just how marketable an advanced degree is in today’s workplace.

Career advancement and opportunities abound for those with a master’s degree in psychology. From corporations and educational organizations to nonprofits and community agencies, a psychology master’s program can prepare you for vocations that are as interesting as they are satisfying.

So what can you do with a master’s degree in psychology?

Psychology Career Paths

The field of psychology has many real-world, professional applications—most of which promote positive change in our society—and a master’s in psychology from a reputable psychology master’s program will prepare you for them.

Versatile, practical, and pertinent to many careers in a variety of workplaces, a master’s degree in psychology is a graduate degree you can truly put to work.

Here’s just a sampling of careers paths available to those with a master’s degree in psychology:

  • Human resource manager
  • Market researcher
  • Project coordinator/manager
  • Family services worker
  • Instructor at a community college
  • Social service manager
  • Health project coordinator
  • Employee trainer
  • Research assistant
  • Data analyst/manager
  • Organizational consultant
  • Intervention advocate


If you decide to enroll in a psychology master’s program, you can choose a specialization for your master’s in psychology that will help prepare you for a career once you graduate.

Specializations depend on the psychology master’s program that you choose and span everything from crisis management and educational psychology, to leadership, organizational psychology, and child and adolescent development. You’ll need to decide which specialization is best for you based on your future career goals and interests.

Interested in getting your master’s degree in psychology? Explore Walden’s comprehensive psychology master’s program.

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