Tuition and fees are different for each degree program and can vary depending on your transfer of credit and time to completion. Your enrollment advisor can help you determine the total cost of your program. View tuition and fees.


Walden offers merit-based scholarships for academic and professional accomplishments. Certain scholarships may be available to international students. View a list of scholarships.

Tuition-Reduction Opportunities

Walden offers a variety of tuition-reduction opportunities, including those for family, alumni, and military personnel. View tuition-reduction opportunities.

Financial Assistance for International Students

Additional funding resources are available for international students. View a list of financial assistance opportunities.

Employer Tuition Assistance

You may be eligible for tuition assistance through your employer. These benefits typically include reimbursement for part, or all, of the cost of tuition as well as funding for education-related expenses such as textbooks. Consult with your supervisor or human resource specialist about specific requirements.

Currency Calculator

For an exact understanding of Walden tuition in the currency for your country, consider using the currency calculator