Today, online learning from an accredited institution is widely considered a valuable education. Employers recognize the value of online learning as well. In fact, according to results from our 2013 survey, 98% of employers of our graduates said they would hire another Walden graduate. Additionally, because online programs require no time away from work, employers benefit in the long term from highly skilled and productive graduates.

Advantages of a Flexible Schedule

At Walden, courses are offered over the Internet so you can attend class from remote locations. Flexible class schedules mean you can participate when it’s convenient for you, within an assigned period. That way, you can continue to work, care for your family, and tend to other personal commitments.

Access to a Diverse Community

As a Walden student, you may have the unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with other students from around the world whose diverse professional and experiential backgrounds give you a wide range of ideas, opinions, insights, and perspectives.

You Can Do This

Today, more than 6.7 million students in the United States alone are enrolled in online education. You too can learn successfully online. To help position yourself for success, start by sharing your goals and plans with your network of family, friends, and co-workers. They’re the people whose support you’ll need to help make your dreams a reality, and communicating with them is key as you take on new commitments. Walden has also developed a comprehensive array of student services to support and encourage you at every step in your program.

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