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Simple Acts of Wellness During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mental health resources for difficult times

A pandemic creates obvious threats to physical and public health, but it also impacts mental health. “In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us are experiencing significant disruption to our daily routines and pressing uncertainty about the future,” says Dr. Jason King, student development coordinator for Walden University’s School of Counseling master’s and doctoral programs. “Our sense of physical and emotional safety is jeopardized. Many of us feel isolated and struggle with a lack of control. For some, life may be spiraling into complete disarray.”

“Reactions such as fear, anxiety, panic, terror, and even paranoia are normal during threatening life events,” Dr. King says. “All of us are seeking hope and peace during this crisis.” Practicing simple acts of wellness can act as a buffer for yourself, your friends, and your community from the debilitating effects of the global pandemic. “Wellness instills stamina into the lifeblood of our bodies, minds, and spirits,” he says. “It recharges our lost energy and revitalizes diminished hope. It preserves our autonomy, offers us environmental mastery, secures positive relationships with others, and gives us purpose in life.”

Simple Acts of Wellness During the COVID-19 Crisis

As an aid to your wellness practice, Dr. King has created a guide to help you work through fears, emotions, and hopes in the midst of the pandemic. The wellness guide includes space for written reflections on five life tasks necessary to achieve resilience: spirituality, self-direction, work and leisure, friendship, and love. “Start anywhere you want,” says Dr. King. “Try it out, share it with your loved ones—and as you focus on wellness principles each day, you will turn this global emergency into personal triumph.”

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Dr. Jason H. King currently serves as the student development coordinator for Walden University’s School of Counseling master’s and doctoral programs. He is a Utah-licensed and NBCC-certified clinical mental health counselor, an approved clinical supervisor, and a certified advanced facilitator. Dr. King has received several awards for his leadership and counseling practice, including the 2011 ACES Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Award and the 2012 AMHCA Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award.

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