While we offer several scholarships and tuition assistance opportunities, we understand that you may need additional funding to earn your degree. The resources below show some of the alternative financial assistance opportunities available to our students residing outside of the United States.

Many of these sources can help you pay for your tuition while you are enrolled in a degree program or assist you with loan repayment after graduation. You can also pay your tuition online using Flywire by peerTransfer. Find out more about this convenient payment solution and then set up your account.

To learn more about your funding options, complete the request information form to the right of this page or find a toll-free telephone number for your country and speak with one of our enrollment advisors today.

Barbados Flag of Barbados

Learn more about loans available to residents of Barbados

Canada Flag of Canada

Learn more about financial assistance for Canadians.

Caribbean Jamaica's Flag Trinidad and Tebago's Flag

Learn more about loans for those living in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

Kenya Kenya's Flag

Learn more about financial assistance for those living in Kenya.

Qatar Flag of Qatar

Learn more about loans for those living in Qatar. 

United Arab Emirates Flag of United Arab Emirates

Learn more about loans for those living in UAE.

Other Regions 

Region Resource
Latin America 
South America 
General International Options

Because the rules and regulations of individual funding organizations may change without our knowledge, Walden is not responsible for the validity of the information contained on these pages. We do, however, review this information regularly in an effort to provide resources for our students who are looking for funding options.

This web page contains links to third party sites on the Internet. Walden is not responsible for the content of these external sites and is not liable to the student or any other party for any form of damages, costs or claims whatsoever. Walden does not guarantee any refund or acceptance by the authorities or organizations named on this site.

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