The Don E. Ackerman Research Fellowship in Educational Leadership supports research that advances leadership in education through better understanding or practice.

This fellowship is administered by the Office of the President, not the Office of Financial Aid. For more information, email



The fellowship provides funding, up to $10,000, to support faculty or student research projects that contribute either theoretical or applied knowledge that may change education at the preK–12 levels, in any educational field or position. The program is designed to encourage research conducted in the name of Walden University and contributing to the continuing improvement of teaching and learning through leadership.


Application Deadline: October 30
Award Announced: December 1


  • Applicant must be a currently enrolled Walden doctoral student or currently hold an appointment as a faculty member at Walden (for at least two years).
  • Faculty applicants must hold an earned doctorate or be currently enrolled in a Walden doctoral program.
  • Applicant must not have received a Walden research fellowship in the last five years.


  • Application reflects theoretically sound and evidence-based research
  • Application indicates that the research will contribute to educational leadership in knowledge or practice
  • Application shows evidence of collaboration or willingness to collaborate with other faculty or students as appropriate


Download application requirements (pdf). Questions and application materials must be submitted electronically to


One payment.


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