In the event your academic progress is impacted by unusual circumstances that are beyond your control—such as a death in the immediate family, illness, or other significant life change—you may appeal for an extension of financial aid once  your financial aid warning period ends.*

You will need to file an appeal with the Office of Financial Aid no later than 15 calendar days following the end of the financial aid warning period, completing the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form and providing supporting documentation for review. Failure to provide such supporting documentation will result in an automatic denial.

If the appeal is accepted, you will need to meet the requirements outlined in the written approval of the appeal.

*A pre-existing condition (a condition or illness that a student had before beginning any Walden University program) is not cause for appeal unless there was an unexpected change in that condition. Students may not use the same circumstances in a subsequent appeal, although a student may submit an appeal for a future period of difficulty for different mitigating circumstances.