You may be eligible for tuition savings based on your affiliation with Walden or other organizations and employers. Call a Walden enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336 to discuss additional ways to finance your education.

Grants, Scholarships, and Tuition Assistance

You can take advantage of one of these tuition savings opportunities for select programs.

U.S. Military Members and Veterans Savings

Save 15% on all tuition over the lifetime of your program for new students who are a service member, a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, or an employee of the Veteran's Administration. This tuition reduction is also available if you are a spouse of a service member, veteran or employee of the Veteran’s Administration. This tuition reduction cannot be retroactively applied. Explore our full list of tuition reductions for US military and veterans.

Alumni Savings

Save 30% on tuition over the lifetime of your program when you return for your next degree program and start classes on August 29, 2016.

Higher Education Professional Development Program

As a faculty or staff member employed at a U.S. higher education institution, you can benefit from a 10% tuition reduction on degree programs only.

Family Savings

Save 25% on tuition over the lifetime of your program if you are the spouse, parent, or child of an enrolled Walden University student. This tuition reduction applies to degree programs only.

Transfer of Credit

Save time and money when you transfer and apply credit toward your Walden program.

Accelerate Into Master’s (AIM)

With the AIM option, you can save up to 50% off of your Walden master’s program by choosing certain electives as a Walden bachelor’s student.

Degree Acceleration Opportunities

Find out if you can transfer credit, earn credit for prior learning, or structure your credit hours to earn your bachelor’s in less time. See Options

Partner Savings

If you are an employee or member of one of our partner organizations, you may be eligible for a tuition savings.


Please Note: Tuition reductions are not retroactively applied.


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