As a Walden student, you will receive your billing statements electronically. When your bill is ready, you will receive an email to both your Walden and personal email accounts. You can then access your bill through your student portal and immediately pay your balance online.

View step by step tutorials for important information about how to access and understand your eBill.

How Do You Find Your Walden eBill?
How Do You Find Your eBill? 
Getting to Know Your Walden eBill
Getting to Know Your eBill 

Paper Statements

If you would prefer a paper copy of your billing statement, you may request one through the Office of the Bursar or you may print a hard copy for your records directly from your student portal.

If you have questions about your bill, contact the bursar’s office directly at 1-800-444-6795 or bursar@waldenu.edu.