Join Us on Facebook and Open a World of Connections




Online learning has so many fantastic benefits for working adults. However, sometimes the greatest resource is the person sitting right next to you in class. That is why we created our Walden Facebook groups. The groups are a place where Walden students can meet their classmates, ask questions, collaborate, communicate directly with Walden, and so, so much more. Some of the great benefits include

  • Specialized Groups with your classmates: Facebook groups are program and cohort specific, so you have direct interaction with students who have gone or are going through the same courses as you. Have a question about an assignment? Just ask your classmates!
  • Connection Directly to Walden: Dedicated Walden Staff to answer questions, keep you up to date with any Walden specific announcements, and engage with.
  • Resources: Tips, tricks, and links to some of the most useful information while you navigate your journey through higher learning
  • Collaboration: Whether it’s getting tips on an assignment, working with your group members, or looking for internships the ability to collaborate in the Facebook Groups can be an incredibly useful tool in your academic and professional success.
  • Support: We all have tough days. In the Facebook Groups you can lean on your classmates for inspiration, get tips on balancing school and personal life, and have a community to share your experiences.