We’ve Got Your Back

Walden has many fantastic resources for working adults pursuing higher education. But sometimes the best resources are your classmates. That is why we created our Walden Facebook groups! Walden Facebook groups are a place where Walden students can meet their classmates, ask questions, collaborate, communicate directly with Walden, and much more. Some of the benefits include:

Walden Facebook Groups
  • Specialized Groups: Facebook groups are program-specific, so you can have direct interaction with students who have taken or are taking the same courses you are. Have a question about an assignment? Just ask your classmates!
  • Direct Connection to Walden: Facebook groups give you direct access to dedicated Walden staff who can answer your questions, keep you updated on important Walden news, and provide you with the support and resources you need to help you reach your academic goals.
  • Resources: Get tips, advice, and links to useful information to help you succeed at Walden—and beyond.
  • Collaboration: Walden Facebook groups are a great place for students to collaborate, whether you’re looking to team up with other students on a project or find an internship or career placement.
  • Support: Balancing work, family, and education can be challenging. Walden Facebook groups give you a place to turn to your classmates for inspiration or tips on balancing school with your other commitments, and offer you a community where you can share your experiences.