Forward-Thinking Online Degree Programs

At Walden, we design our program curriculum with you in mind. Our online degree programs are based on an educational model that meets you where you are, educationally and professionally, to advance you toward increasingly higher levels of professional excellence.

We achieve this by collaborating with a variety of national industry leaders and higher education experts to create high-quality online programs that are relevant to the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—workforce. As a student, you can benefit from our approach to program design by becoming better prepared to meet the challenges in your field and shape the future of your profession.

When you choose an online degree program at Walden, you choose:

  • A Proven Learning Model
    We begin with a highly developed vision for our online degree programs and design them to reflect the professional guidelines set forth by leading professional organizations. Courses within a particular program are sequenced to work together, enabling you to build on what you learn. We work with instructional designers who understand what is most effective in online education.
  • Faculty Committed to Teaching
    Our faculty members are selected for their academic and industry credentials as well as their demonstrated commitment to teaching adult learners. Faculty members are active participants in every aspect of your online learning experience—from designing a program of study to serving as a mentor and coach.
  • An Opportunity to Make an Impact
    Our curriculum focuses on the core professional knowledge you need to succeed in your career and how to use that knowledge to make a meaningful difference in society. At the beginning of your online program, you’ll be asked to articulate your social change goals. During your program, you’ll be encouraged to evolve as a social change agent by applying what you learn to make a significant impact in your field and your community.

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