What’s It Like to Learn Online?

As a leader in distance education, Walden University has mastered the use of technology to create active and successful online learning communities. Enjoy a high-quality learning experience while leveraging greater flexibility and convenience through an online education.

Your online experience includes:

A set course structure

Our online learning model is designed to fit your busy schedule, which means you can participate in classes on a weekly basis whenever it’s convenient for you. The flow of online dialogue is preserved so you can follow and contribute to your classmates’ conversation as it unfolds and return to it as a reference. Your online classroom also features a syllabus that includes your learning objectives, an assignment schedule, and information on grading criteria.

Assessment and evaluation

Tests are delivered online and are typically scored when you finish, which provides you with immediate feedback. Papers and projects are submitted through a drop box. This allows your instructor to access your work in a private, access-controlled environment; provide written feedback on the assignment; and then place it back in the drop box for you to review. In addition to completed assignments, you’ll be evaluated on your classroom participation as well.

How Students Interact with Walden

See how Walden students describe their favorite feature of the online learning environment: the interactions with faculty and fellow students. Discover how our students learn, connect, and grow through engaging discussions and timely feedback.

Online student support

Our Student Support Team will help guide you through the online learning experience, including providing a Student Readiness Orientation to help you get ready for your first online course.

Learn more about what it’s like to collaborate as an online university student. Request information or call 1-866-492-5336 in the United States or see a list of international phone numbers.


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