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Walden University’s PhD in Education program is a premier doctoral experience for preparing professionals to become leading education researchers, scholars, and practitioners in a variety of settings. Our knowledgeable faculty, staff, and support team are here to help you navigate every step of your progress through the PhD in Education program. Your initial foundation course and subsequent doctoral support courses prepare you for a successful and rewarding dissertation experience. With 45 years of helping adult learners succeed, we are dedicated to helping you complete your program.

  • Nine specializations—Focus your learning on an area that matches your goals.
  • Choose Your Speed of Completion—Take one or two courses at a time or choose a combination of the two throughout the program to fit your schedule
  • Research what you’re interested in—Select your own dissertation topic and research something that you are passionate about. Engage in dissertation research that allows you to contribute new knowledge to your field with respect to a pressing issue, problem, or need.
  • Interact with faculty and peers—Four residency experiences are offered, two of which may be taken virtually. At the residencies, you will have opportunities to discuss your research interests and the research process with faculty and students and expand your professional network.

Earn Your PhD in Education While Balancing Priorities

In It Together

At Walden we understand that you likely work full time and may care for children or other family members. Explore our support services  designed to help you balance family commitments with your work and school responsibilities. We’re all in it together.

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  • Scholar of Change

    Dorsey Kendrick

    Learn how Dorsey Kendrick, PhD in Education, makes an impact as president of an urban college.