Public Management and Leadership—Track I Specialization - PhD in Criminal Justice

Public Management and Leadership—Track I

Faced with mounting performance demands and new financial challenges, managers in today’s public and nonprofit institutions must be able to increase efficiency and effectiveness across their organizations. In this specialization, you will develop strategies for sparking transformative change in a public organization of your choosing. Gain leadership and interpersonal skills that can help you be a competent leader, shape public policy, and inspire and motivate your employees.

Track I is a program of study for students who have a master’s degree in criminal justice or a related field. If you have a master's degree in an unrelated discipline, see Track II.

Completion Requirements

  • 81 total quarter credits
    • Introductory courses (6 cr.)
    • Core courses (40 cr.)
    • Specialization courses (15 cr.)
    • Dissertation (20 cr.)
  •  Four PhD residencies to equal a minimum of 16 days 

The majority of our students take over 2 years to complete their doctoral study or dissertation.

This sequence represents the minimum time to completion. Time to completion will vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of your time to completion, call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336.

Introductory Courses


Core and Specialization Courses




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