Why Earn Your Doctoral Degree in Public Health - Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Why Earn Your Doctoral Degree in Public Health

The healthcare field is expected to continue enjoying strong growth, and the employment outlook is robust. According to information gathered by the Association of Schools of Public Health, some industry trends include*:

  • Experts predict a greater emphasis on cost containment, requiring innovative leaders in finance and economics.
  • Exportation of public health technologies to developing nations will create the need for well-educated health planners and policymakers worldwide.
  • Emerging scientific technology and associated medical, legal, economic, and social issues will continue to create demand for well-educated policymakers.
  • As corporations face rising health costs, the need for decision makers with analytical and problem-solving skills will grow in the private sector.
  • Policy planners in the public sector will be in demand to protect the health rights of the homeless, underinsured, elderly, or disabled.
  • Demand is increasing for epidemiologists in public health agencies, industry, public and private health services delivery organizations, and international agencies.
  • Demand for nutritionists remains strong due to health, nutrition, and food assistance programs sponsored by both public and private agencies. Demand is also increasing in settings such as physician offices, wellness centers, media, and private industry.

The salary of a Doctor of Public Health graduate is dependent on job location and job type. According to PayScale.com's national survey data, a health policy analyst had an annual middle pay range of $37,439 for the 25th percentile to $81,761 for the 75th percentile. Using the same data and middle range, a biostatistician made $52,004 to $122,614.

Occupation title   Mean annual wage (May 2012) 
Medical and Health Services Managers $98,460
Social and Community Service Managers $64,460
Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health $68,970
Epidemiologists $71,400

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