Bill BenetEducation

PhD, University of Toronto; MSEd, BA, The State University of New York


For more than 35 years, Dr. Benet has worked in the nonprofit, governmental, and business sectors. His nonprofit experience includes 25 years as a senior-level manager responsible for planning, managing, and promoting adult education programs designed to bring about social change. Dr. Benet served 28 years as an elected official in New York, where he was one of the area’s most outspoken champions for progressive issues such as human rights, peace and justice, economic equality, and the environment. His legislative accomplishments include adoption of living-wage legislation, gay rights advancements, support for a nuclear freeze, disinvestment from South Africa during the anti-apartheid movement, and enactment of a countywide anti-sprawl plan. In the business sector, Dr. Benet managed a company that helped support a camp for children with cancer. Currently, Dr. Benet is directing a partnership that provides capacity-building services for human service organizations in order to improve performance.