As the first fully online public administration school in the United States, Walden’s School of Public Policy and Administration offers flexible graduate programs that provide you with practical knowledge and proven skills. Enhance your critical thinking, problem-solving, and cultural competence while you participate in a collaborative network of faculty and professionals active in their fields. Learn to unite government, nonprofit, and private organizations as you become empowered to make a difference in the communities you serve.


Graduates of Walden’s School of Public Policy and Administration hold key positions in governmental and nonprofit institutions throughout the world. These public sector and nonprofit leaders serve as collaborative change-agents who empower local and global communities to promote civic engagement, the common good, and positive social change. The result of their ethical and knowledgeable servant-leadership is respect for and preservation of human rights; collaborative, constructive, and equitable processes to address societal and global challenges; and trust in government and nonprofit institutions.


Walden’s School of Public Policy and Administration develops ethical, knowledgeable, and adaptable scholar-practitioners who apply theory-based knowledge and research to advance democratic processes in the interest of the public good. Through their Walden experiences, these public sector and nonprofit sector leaders advance their knowledge about democratic processes, develop collaborative methods to work among the different sectors, commit to working toward positive social change, and build their professional skills.

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