PhD, Michigan State University; MA, BS, Central Michigan University

Research Interests 

Neuropsychology disorders across the life span including ADHD, dementia, and neuropsychology effects of neurological disorders; neurological effects of blackouts as a result of binge alcohol drinking in college-age students.


Dr. Levine teaches doctoral-level courses in Walden’s School of Psychology. Her career has centered on clinical neuropsychology. As a faculty member in the Psychology department at Central Michigan University, she directed the Neuropsychology department in the Neuroscience Institute at MidMichigan Regional Medical Center for more than 16 years conducting research and clinical practice in neuropsychology. She has taught courses in developmental psychology, clinical neuropsychology, statistics, cognitive psychology, and psychological assessment. Her extensive experience in clinical work, academic teaching, and research in clinical neuropsychology has supported age groups across the life span. Dr. Levine, professor emeritus, Central Michigan University, has been a contributing faculty member at Walden since 2000.