Gary BurkholderEducation

PhD, MA, BA, University of Rhode Island; BSE, University of Washington

Research Interests 

Quantitative and qualitative methods; multivariate statistics and modeling (e.g., factor analysis, multiple and logistic regression, structural equation modeling); gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation research; instrument development; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and abuse, particularly among adolescents; nutrition education; social networks, particularly as they relate to disease spread


Dr. Burkholder has been at Walden since 2001 and is senior research scholar and contributing faculty for psychology and public health. He also serves as vice president and general manager for business operations at The National Hispanic University. He has taught statistics and research design courses at Walden; introductory, social, and gender psychology at other institutions; and has developed undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology at various institutions. Dr. Burkholder currently serves as a dissertation mentor for students in public health and psychology.