August 2016

Trudi Lebron ’11, an MS in Psychology graduate and PhD in Psychology student, has been named one of Central Connecticut’s 40 Under 40 Leaders in Business. Lebron is the founder of ScriptFlip! LLC and associate director of community and youth programs at Billings Forge Community Works.

Dr. Terry R. Tinsley ’10, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was appointed to the Board of Counseling by Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia. Dr. Tinsley is the director of clinical services for Youth For Tomorrow.

July 2016

Dr. Debra Rose Wilson ’06, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was recently awarded the 2016 American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) Service Award at the AHNA annual conference. Dr. Wilson has been a member of the AHNA Education Approval Committee since 2000 and the Program Recognition Committee since 2007.

June 2016

Dr. Warren S. Cook ’15, ’14, ’10, ’08, an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, PhD in Psychology, Master of Business Administration (MBA), and BS in Business Administration graduate and PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology student, has published Applicant Interview Preparation: Practical Coaching for Today.

Dr. Susan L. Ruiz ’14 ’07, a PhD in Psychology and MS in Psychology graduate, published “Social Media as Support for Partners of Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” in the Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences.

Dan Stallard ’14, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was recently named a captain in the U.S. Navy. Capt. Stallard has served as command chaplain of USS Vicksburg (CG 69) and USS Nassau (LHA 4); various instructor and staff positions; and is currently the director of CREDO Southeast in Jacksonville, Florida.

April 2016

Dr. Heather J. Macdonald ’13, a PhD in Psychology graduate, has opened the TriOptimal Learning Community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Linda Erlich ’10, a PhD in Psychology graduate, has recently been hired as a consultant to the medical and support staff at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Her background in health psychology will help the staff improve their patient relationships.

March 2016

Courtney Fisher ’14, an MS in Psychology graduate, has joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia, South Carolina, as a case manager.

January 2016

Dr. Joshua M. Garrin ’14, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was recently featured in the American Council on Exercise’s IDEA Fitness Journal’s “Spotlight a Pro” column.

Tomorrow L. Allen-Collins ’10, an MS in Psychology graduate, has been appointed general manager for the Doris W. Jones Family Resource Building.

November 2015

Dr. Gail V. Baker ’14, a PhD in Psychology graduate, has been selected as a VIP member of the Covington Who’s Who Executive and Professional Registry. Dr. Baker is a clinical therapist with Mefford, Vuagniaux and Associates and adjunct professor at Central Methodist University.

Dr. Bill Burrichter ’06, a PhD in Psychology graduate, is the new director of counseling services at Houghton College in Houghton, New York. Burrichter earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology 23 years ago.

October 2015

Dr. Ann Marie Kappel ’12, a PhD in Psychology graduate, recently published Empower “U”: Build Your Self-Worth and Know Your Net-Worth. Dr. Kappel is the CEO of Alpha Consulting & Empowerment in Frisco, Texas.

September 2015

Dr. Susan Zukowski ’15, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was promoted to director of corporate health services at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Dr. Carole Stephens ’14, a PhD in Psychology graduate, presented her dissertation research, Mean Girls in the Legal Workplace, at The European Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences in Brighton, U.K. this summer.

Brandi Spaulding ’08, an MS in Psychology graduate and PhD in Psychology student, developed a mobile app called Squirrel Recovery for people in addiction recovery. The app checks in with patients several times a day and then sends information on their mood, urges, and stress levels to members of their recovery support team. It also has a panic button for an instance when they feel like a relapse is imminent.

June 2015

Dr. Ann Marie Kappel ’12, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. The distinction honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success. Dr. Kappel is an organizational psychologist at Alpha Consulting & Empowerment.

May 2015

Dr. Engin Ozertugrul ’15, a PhD in Psychology graduate, recently published Interview with OCD: Forty-five Days to End of a New Beginning. Based on his dissertation, Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry into One Experience of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the book reveals his struggle with OCD through a series of sessions, with him acting as both researcher asking questions and participant answering them.

April 2015

Dr. Lisa R. Smith ’13, a PhD in Psychology graduate, is the founder of CRE8TVE Solutions, LLC, in Florida. She has developed two iPhone apps to assist students with learning, writing, and using APA format correctly. She says the APA style was one of her biggest challenges while attending Walden, and that inspired her to create APAGuide and MLA Guide.

Susan (Joy) Draper ’10, an MS in Psychology graduate, was recently named Offutt Air Force Base Military Spouse of the Year.

Joshua L. Cohen ’07, an MS in Psychology graduate, recently published Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy: Research and Practice through Routledge’s “Advances in Mental Health Research” series. Dr. Cohen has worked in hospitals, clinics, and private practice using video and creativity as an intervention. He currently works in Beverly Hills, California.

March 2015

Dr. Veronica Semenova ’12, ’13, an MS in Psychology and PhD in Psychology graduate, recently published Learn How to Cope with Death, Loss, Grief, and Bereavement—Helpful Tips from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: 5 Most Common Grief Cognitions Therapy and Counseling Can Address, Restructure, and Resolve. Dr. Semenova is a private practice psychologist with expertise in depression, anxiety, grief, bereavement, coping with chronic and critical illness, fear of death, caregiver issues, aging issues, and interpersonal and relationship issues.

Dr. Linda Vogel Talley ’12, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was recently published in the peer-reviewed Leadership & Organization Development Journal. “How leaders influence followers through the use of nonverbal communication” was published in Volume 36, Issue 1. Dr. Talley is a behavioral theorist and president of Linda Talley & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Lisa Lamb ’10, a PhD in Psychology graduate, is now a licensed psychologist in the state of Nevada. She is also a certified life coach and a certified hypnotherapist, and looking to start her own practice.