Walden’s School of Nursing features a distinguished faculty of more than 100 scholars and professionals—100% of whom hold doctoral degrees—who are academically and experientially qualified to teach at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. They blend academic theory with firsthand knowledge to enrich your learning experience and broaden your perspectives on the latest issues and best practices in the field of nursing.

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Nursing Faculty

Faisal Aboul-Enein, DrPH, MPH, MSN, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; BSN, University of Central Arkansas

Jessica Adkins, MSN, University of South Alabama. 

Samantha Alvarez, MSN, Oregon Health & Science University

Robert Anders, MS, DrPH, University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

Diane Anderson, DNP, MSN, BSN, Chatham University

Eric Anderson, PhD, University of Houston; MSN, University of Phoenix

Tracy Andrews, MS, D.N.P., Columbia University, New York City, NY

Debbie Arms, PhD, The Ohio State University

Karen Armstrong, MA, PhD, Georgia State University

Marcella Atwater, PhD, Capella University; MS, Hampton University; MA, North Carolina Central University; BS, North Carolina A&T State University

Amy Beddoe, PhD, University of California, San Francisco; MS, San Jose State University

Linda Beechinor, DNP, Case Western Reserve University; MS, University of Hawaii at Manoa; BSN, University of Calgary

Dina BenDavid, MSN, Frontier School of Midwifery and Family; DNP, Chatham College

Janice Beeken, PhD, University of Wyoming; MSN, University of Nebraska Medical School; BSN, Creighton University

Jean Benzel-Lindley, PhD, University of Arizona; MSN, University of Phoenix; BSN, University of Wisconsin

Sonya Blevins, DNP, University of South Alabama; MSN, Syracuse University; BSN, Clemson University

Lois Bolden, PhD, University of Tennessee Health Science Center; MSN, University of Central Arkansas; BSN, University of Memphis

Diane Brady-Schwartz, PhD, Touro University International; MSN, Seton Hall University; BSN, University of the State of New York; BS, Monmouth University

Kathleen Brewer, PhD, Georgia State University

Timothy Bristol, PhD, Capella University; M.S., Clarkson College

Barbara Brown, PhD, Temple University

Lachanda Brown, MSN, Brenau University; DNP, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Sophia Brown, PhD, Walden University; MSN, New York University; BSc, University of Technology, Jamaica

Debra Buck, MSN, University of Phoenix; DNP, American Sentinel University

Karen Burger, PhD, MS, The Ohio State University

Laura Caramanica, PhD, University of Connecticut; MSEd, Columbia University; BSN, University of Bridgeport

Connie Carpenter, PhD, University of Oklahoma at Norman

Carey Clark, PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies; MSN, California State University; BSN, Excelsior College

Karen Clark, PhD, George Mason University

Cathleen Colleran-Santos, DNP, Regis College; MSN, University of Massachusetts; BSN, Husson University

Vicki Coombs, PhD, Johns Hopkins University; MS, BSN, Miami University

Judith B. Cornelius, PhD, Rush University; MS, BS, Hampton University

Lisa Cowan, DNP, University of San Francisco; MSN, University of Phoenix; BSN, California State University

Monica Darty, MSN, Troy University

Harold DelasAlas, MD, University of Texas; BS, Pharm.D., University of Houston

Hazel Dennison, PhD, Rutgers University, Newark; MS, Widener University

Eileen Dondero, MSN, University of South Florida; DNP, University of South Alabama

Amber Donnelli, PhD, Univeristy of Nevada; MSN, BSN, University of Phoenix; AS, Great Basin College

Diane M. Elmore, PhD, University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Lorraine Rodrigues Fisher, EdD, Clemson University; MSN, Clemson University; MA, University of South Florida

Loraine Fleming, DNP, Massachusetts General Institute of Health Professions; MSN, BSN, New York University

Sandy Forrest, PhD, University of Texas at Austin; MSN, University of Miami; MS, Florida International University

Lydia Forsythe, PhD, MA, Fielding Graduate University; MSN, University of Phoenix; BA, Marquette University

Christine Frazer, PhD, MSN, BSN, Widener University

Eloisa Garcia, MSN, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi; DNP, Frontier School of Midwifery and Family

Faith Garrett, EdD, Nova Southeastern University; MSN., University of Central Florida; BSN, Florida Southern College

Gloria J. Gdovin, PhD, Chatham University; MS, Northern Arizona University

Alexander M. Gleason, PhD, Boston College; MS, MGH Institute of Health Professions

Elizabeth J. Gondek, PhD, Fielding Graduate Institute; MSN, Boston University

Valerie Gooder, MSN, PhD, University of Utah; BSN, University of Wyoming

Michael B. Grossman, DM, University of Phoenix; MSN, BSN, Widener University; BA, Temple University

Marcia Hacker, PhD, MSN, BSN, Barry University

April Hall, MSN, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi; DNP, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Roy A. Harris, PhD, George Mason University; MSN, Loma Linda University; MS, United States Army War College; MA, Webster University; BSN, Niagara University

Kelly Hawes, DNP, MSN, BSN, University of Florida

Susan Hayden, MSN, Troy University; PhD, Loyola University, Chicago

Mary J. Heaney, PhD, Wayne State University

Gerti Heider, PhD, Walden University; MS, Seton Hall University; BS, College of St. Elizabeth

Johnanna L. Hernandez, PhD, Texas Woman’s University; MSN, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Doris M. Hill, PhD, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System

Cheryl Holly, PhD, Columbia University Teachers College; BS, Pace University

Barbara Jamison, EdD, Florida State University; MSN, University of Florida; MBA, Nova University; BSN, Youngstown University

Tayray N. Jasmine, PhD, Capella University; MSN, University of Phoenix

Lenetra Jefferson, PhD, Southern University and A&M College at Baton Rouge; MSN, University of South Alabama

Coretta M. Jenerette, PhD, University of South Carolina at Columbia; MSN, University of South Carolina; BSN, Clemson University

Andrea R. Jennings-Sanders, DrPH University of Pittsburgh; MSN, Carlow College; MEd, Cleveland State University; BSN, Youngstown State University

Deborah E. Jones, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Betty Joubert, DHA, MSN, University of Phoenix; BA, Langston University

Dawn Julian, DNP, MSN, University of Kansas; BA, College of Saint Scholastica

Bernice R. Kennedy, PhD, Walden University; MS, University of South Carolina at Columbia

Emily F. Keyes,  PhD, MA, University of Virginia; MSN, VirginiaCommonwealth University; MA, Regent University; BSN, Virginia Commonwealth University

Vera Kling, DrHSc, Nova Southeastern University; MA, Webster University; MSN, Medical University of South Carolina; BSN, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Betty J. Kohal, DNP, Case Western Reserve University; MSN, Vanderbilt University

Deborah Kupecz, PhD, University of Northern Colorado; MSN, University of Texas at El Paso; BSN, University of the State of New York; BA, Carlow College

Julibeth Lauren, PhD, Capella University; MSN, University of Phoenix; BSN, Bethel College; ASN, Normandale Community College; LPN, Hennepin Technical College

Judith A. Lemire, DNSc, Boston University

Cheryle G. Levitt, PhD, Duquesne University; MS, Villanova University; BSN, Temple University

Deborah Lewis, EdD, MSN, West Virginia University; MPH, University of Pittsburgh

Janice M. Long, PhD, Western Michigan University; MSN, Georgia State University

Darylnet Lyttle, MSN, Hampton University

Anita Manns, DNP, Oakland University; MBA/HCM, University of Phoenix; MSN, Wayne State University; BSN, Madonna University

Linda K. Matheson, PhD, Marquette University; MS, University of Illinois at Chicago; BSN, Alverno College

Patrick L. Mattis, PhD, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey; BS, Pace University

Cynthia McCoy, PhD, The University of Alabama; MS, Troy University

Irina McKeehan, PhD, MPH, Columbia University; BA, University of Hawaii

Camille McNicholas, PhD, Walden University; MSN, Southern Connecticut State University; BSN, University of Connecticut

Doris Milton, PhD, New York University

Joan Moon, EdD, Bowling Green State University; MSN, BSN, University of Wyoming

Phyllis D. Morgan, PhD, MS, Hampton University; BSN, Florida State University

Jeanne B. Morrison, PhD, Capella University; MS, University of Southern Mississippi

Dale M. Mueller, EdD, Pepperdine University; MS, Saint Joseph’s College

Marilyn S. Murphy, PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore; MBA, University of Baltimore; BSN, Carlow University

Elaine Nailler, DNP, Old Dominion University; MSN, BSN, Wayne State University

Riyad Naser, PhD, Capella University; MBA, MS, Case Western Reserve University; BA, Jordan University

Jonas Nguh, MSN, University of Dundee, UK; MSHCA, Strayer University; PhD, Walden University; BSN, Walden University

Mai Nguyen, MSN, University of South Florida; DNP, University of Alabama

Barbara A. Niedz, PhD, Rutgers University, Newark

Alexander Niyazov, MPH, Columbia University; PharmD, Long Island University

Marion Conti-O’Hare, PhD, Adelphi University; MS, Sacred Heart University

Carol A. O’Neil, PhD, University of South Florida; MSEd, Columbia University Teachers College

Rosaline A. Olade, PhD, University of Ibadan; MSN, University of Toronto at Scarborough

Kimberly Olszewski, DNP, Chatham University; MSN, Bloomsburg University; BS, Lycoming College

Mario R. Ortiz, PhD, Loyola University; MSN, Valparaiso University

Karen Ouzts, PhD, MSN, University of Wyoming; BSN, Westminster College

M’Lynda Owens, PhD, University of Texas at Tyler; MS, Trinity University; BS, University of Texas; BA, Southwestern University

Thomas Panavelil, PhD, University of Miami; MBA, Nova Southeastern University; MS, National Dairy Research Institute, India; BSc, Christian College, University of Kerala, India

Cheryl D. Parker, PhD, Capella University; MSN, Seattle Pacific University

Ebony Parker, DNP, Medical College of Georgia; MSN, Emory University; BSN, James Madison University

Lillian G. Parker, PhD, Georgia State University

Melanie Parks, DNP, Case Western University; MSN, Radford University; BSN, Husson College

Beverly Patchell, PhD, New Mexico State University; MSN, BSN, University of Oklahoma

Jane Peace, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MSN, BSN, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Elvira Phelps, EdD, Enverga University Foundation; MSN, University of Colorado; BSN, Medical Center Lucena Educational Institution; BSE, Enverga University; B.A, Sacred Heart College

Ruth E. Politi, PhD, Touro University International; MSN, University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Bernadette Pollard, DNP, Governors State University; PhD, Capella University; MSN, Governors State University; MBA, Our Lady of the Lake University; BSN, Lewis University

Barbara Powe, Ph.D., University of South Carolina at Columbia

Warseal Powell-Brown, DNP, University of Alabama; MSN, University of South Alabama; BSN, University of Mobile; LPN, Bishop State College

MaryLou Proch, EdD, University of South Florida; MSN, Duquesne University

Heather Quaile, MSN, Vanderbilt University

Deanna L. Reising, PhD, Indiana University; MS, Purdue University–Calumet; BSN, Indiana University

Ruthie Robinson, PhD, Texas Woman’s University; MSN, University of Texas Medical Branch; BS, Lamar University

Karen Robson, DNP, Wilkes University; MSN, BSN, University of Scranton

Mary (Betsy) Rodgers, Ph.D., Adelphi University; MSN, Hunter College; BS, New York University; BA, Southern Illinois University

James Ronan, PhD, University of Arizona; MN, Oregon Health Sciences University

La Von Ross, MSN, University of South Carolina-Columbia

Usama Saleh, PhD, MSN, University of Kentucky; BSN, Clarkson College

Maureen Schafer, Ph.D., University of Arizona; MSN, The Catholic University of America; BSN., St. Joseph’s College

Patricia Schweickert, DNP, Old Dominion University; MSN, University of Virginia; BSN, Wheeling Jesuit University

Virginia L. Seno, PhD, Marquette University; MSN, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Sandra L. Siedlecki, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; MSN, University of Akron

Crystal Slaughter, DNP, MSN., BSN, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

Demetrice Smith, MSN, LA State University Health Science Center

Paula Stechschulte, PhD, Capella University; MS, BA, Central MI University

Linda Steele, PhD, University of Texas; MSN, BSN, Southern Illinois University

Susan L. Stefan, PhD, Rush University; MBA, University of Illinois at Chicago

Mary Beth Stepans, BS, MS, University of Wyoming; PhD, University of South Carolina at Columbia

Amy Swango-Wilson, PhD, Walden University; MSN, University of Kentucky; BSN, Berea College

Thomas Sweeney, DNP, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs; MSN, University of Stony Brook; AAS, Kingsborough Community College

Denise Tate, EdD, University of Sarasota; MSN, Seton Hall University; MSN, Kean University; BSN, Monmouth University

Andrea Tatkon-Coker, DBA, MBA, Nova Southeastern University; MSN, University of
Maryland; BSN, University of Southern Maine, Portland-Gorham

Mary S. Tilbury, EdD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; MS, University of Maryland at Baltimore

Gail Tracey, EdD, University of Central Florida; MSN, University of South Florida; BSN, University of South Florida at Fort Myers; ADN, Edison State College

Patti Urso, PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa; MSN, Florida International University; BSN, University of Miami

Anna Valdez, PhD, Capella University; MSN, BSN, University of Phoenix

Connie L. Vogel, PhD, Iowa State University; BSN, M.S., University of Iowa

Kajal Vora, MSN, University of Southern Indiana

Susan Wall, PhD, University of Florida

Ruby L. Wesley Shadow, PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore; MSEd, Wayne State University

Corrine Wheeler, PhD, MSN, Indiana University School of Nursing

Diane K. Whitehead,  EdD, Florida International University; MSN, University of Miami; BSN, Florida State University

Bobbie S. Whitworth, PhD, Capella University; MSN, University of Mississippi

Donna M. Williams, PhD, Walden University; MSN, Drexel University; MEd, Wayne State University

Olive Williams-Brown, DNP, University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey; PhD, Kennedy Western University; MSN, College of Mount Saint Vincent; M.A., Polytechnic of North London/Southern California University; BSN, City College of New York

Amy L. Wilson, PhD, Walden University; MSN, University of Kentucky; BS, Berea College

Kathleen Wilson, DSN, MSN, University of Alabama; BSN, Florida State University

Marisa L. Wilson, DNSc, John Hopkins University

Michael Winfree, MSN, University of South Carolina, Columbia

Sandra L. Wise, PhD, University of Toledo; MS, The Ohio State University; BSN, Bowling Green State University

Tracy Wright, PhD, MSN, BSN, University of North Dakota

Munder Zagaar, PharmD, PhD, University of Houston

George A. Zangaro, PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore; BSN, Columbia Union College