PhD, University of Connecticut; MFA, University of New Orleans; MS, Southern Connecticut State University; BA, University of Connecticut

Research Interests

Business and society; eupsychian management; workplace community; new forms of organizing and leading; applications of social science to help understand management as a social system


Dr. Nirenberg is the director of the PhD program in Walden’s School of Management. Previously, he served as a dean, professor, consultant, and writer in the field of applied management. He has worked as an educator and consultant in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand for nearly a decade. Dr. Nirenberg is the author of Global Leadership; Power Tools: A Leader’s Guide to the Latest Management Thinking; and The Living Organization: Transforming Teams Into Workplace Communities. His articles have appeared in professional and academic journals on five continents, and he edited Aspects of Management in Malaysia, the first management textbook in Malaysia that integrated Malaysian cultural influences with conventional management principles.