PhD, University of Southern California; MBA, University of California, Los Angeles; BA, Antioch College

Research Interests

Innovation and change in churches; organizational culture; comprehensive organizational design; large-scale social, economic, and environmental problems (including the fate of the seas, war and peace, health of the economy, and understanding across boundaries of religion, politics, and ethnicity)


Dr. Snyder was educated in the scholar-practitioner tradition, starting with work at Antioch College’s Center for Social Research and Action. He has lifelong interests in social analysis and communication, the topics of his undergraduate degree. These interests led him to study and work with some of the giants in the field of leadership and change, including Charles O’Reilly, Warren Bennis, Larry Greiner, James O’Toole, Robert Tannenbaum, and Warren Schmidt. He has done pioneering work in the development of management consultation and education for the nonprofit sector, organizational culture and ethnography, leadership communication, and work and spirituality. Before joining the Walden DBA faculty, Dr. Snyder directed the communications program at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley; the MBA program at Holy Names College; and the Center for the Future of Organizations. He also taught at the Naval Postgraduate School. He is a co-founder of the Center for Nonprofit Management and the Project on Spirituality and Worklife. He has also worked as an editor, writer, and consulting media specialist. Some of Dr. Snyder’s greatest pleasures come from working creatively with others to bring resources to good causes, and reaching across lines of language and culture. He is thrilled to have Walden doctoral students working on vital issues in church, business, military, schools, and entrepreneurship.