PhD, MA, BS, The Ohio State University


Dr. Makay worked as a financial advisor for the brokerage firm UBS and now consults for corporations. In addition to teaching, she is currently working with a Walden team to develop a new graduate class in interpersonal communication. In her free time, Dr. Makay is a guardian ad litem, providing a voice in court for children who have experienced abuse and neglect. Dr. Makay has a passion in understanding how people create and share their meaning, regardless of the context. She works with medical professionals to help them share what they mean and connect with their patients. She conducts training in organizations as they work through their changing world so everyone in the organization can be on the same page; she works in her community to help people connect when they have difficulty doing so; and she works with her students who want to succeed and become excellent communicators so they can make a difference in their own life, their family, and the world we all live in.