PhD, University of Hull, England; MEd, BSEd, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Research Interests

Professional development and social change; multiculturalism; diversity; correctional education; public health


Dr. Uche is a contributing faculty member in the D.B.A. program at Walden. He was a Commonwealth Research Fellow at Hull University in England and an assistant professor of education at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. Currently, he is a research consultant with GREXTAR Consultancy in Houston. During his 22-year academic and professional career, Dr. Uche has mentored several doctoral students, served on degree committees at the University of Lagos and Antioch University, conducted research on multiculturalism in Great Britain, published several scholarly articles in the International Journal of Lifelong Education, and taught courses on program planning and research methods. He is the author of The Practice of Non-Formal Education in Developing Countries and African Folktales: Exotic Stories from Africa for Children Around the World.