Doron ZilbershteinEducation

PhD, North Central University; MBA, Capella University; BEng, University of Glasgow

Research Interests

Small businesses; SBE failure; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial thought process; entrepreneurial behavior; social entrepreneurship; organizational behavior; organizational culture; success and failure of business relationships; strategic thinking; quality management; quality culture; total quality management (TQM); Six Sigma; lean thinking; dissertation development; literature review; research strategies; Blue Ocean Strategy; theory of planned behavior; research design; single- and multiple-case studies; phenomenological studies; ethnographic studies, survey, and interviews; qualitative data processing and analysis software (ATLAS.ti); languages (English, Hebrew)


Dr. Zilbershtein brings to the classroom 26 years of experience as a naval architect and successful entrepreneur. He currently serves as the managing partner of his executive coaching firm, PAAR & Company. Dr. Zilbershtein’s research is focused on bridging two distinct academic disciplines: psychology and entrepreneurship. In particular, he is interested in the cognitive and social factors involved in entrepreneurship. Dr. Zilbershtein serves as a contributing faculty member at the School of Business and Technology. He guides doctoral students through their doctoral journey during the dissertation stage until their graduation.