Danielle Wright BabbEducation

PhD, Capella University; MBA, University of Redlands; BA, BS, University of California

Research Interests

Network engineering and security; telecommuting; online education


Dr. Wright-Babb runs The Babb Group, a company dedicated to providing online educators with forums, networking opportunities, and information on best practices for educating online learners. Previously, she spent more than 15 years managing international teams in global organizations with an emphasis on information technology leadership, management, and networking technologies. An educator since 1995, she is the author of six books focusing on entrepreneurship, information technology, and online education. Dr. Wright-Babb has served as an analyst for news organizations, including CNN and Fox News/Fox Business, providing market information and interpreting market changes. She has been a member of Walden’s faculty since 2005 and is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur magazine.