DM, University of Phoenix; MA, Naval Postgraduate School; BS, University of Maryland

Research Interests

Change theory; leadership theories; organizational design and behavioral studies of stakeholders; stakeholder theory


In August 2007, Dr. Tyler became the first deputy chancellor and chief operating officer of the Houston Community College System. Previously, he served as president of Sacramento City College and vice president of administration for Los Angeles City College. Dr. Tyler also has more than a decade of leadership and management experience with private industry and engineering companies as a chief operating officer, chief financial officer, and consultant. He served for more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and with joint military commands and served as the antiterrorism manager for the Air Force, developing a five-year plan for the first worldwide human resource and asset protection program that became a model for the U.S. Department of Defense. His military awards include the U.S. Air Force Airman's Medal and the U.S. Air Force Meritorious Service Medal. Dr. Tyler has taught courses in leadership, business, international policy, and security and has published works on hybrid learning and community college public-private partnerships. He often speaks at conferences regarding community college and security issues. He has served on numerous academic accreditation teams as well as on national and local boards, including the American Association of Community Colleges’ committees on homeland security, and inclusion, access, and diversity, and the North Central University School of Business Board of Advisors.