PhD, MS, MPH, University of Michigan; MS, Wake Forest University

Research Interests

Biodegradation of xenobiotic chemicals in environmental matrices


Dr. Rubin spent three years as an NIH post-doctoral fellow at Cornell University where he studied biodegradation of man-made chemicals at low concentrations. As a professor at Rutgers University he studied inhibition of Salmonella Typhimurium in dairy products. Dr. Rubin spent more than 20 years as an environmental health scientist and environmental toxicologist working for environmental consulting firms, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and the New Jersey Department of Health. His specialties were biodegradation of toxicants, contaminated soil reuse, hazardous waste site investigations and remediation, and environmental fate and the health effects of pollutants. He has been a professor at various colleges and universities since 1995 and taught courses related to public health, environmental health, and environmental science. He joined Walden’s faculty in the School of Health Sciences in 2008, teaching public health and environmental health courses at the master’s and doctoral level.