PhD, Walden University; MD, Tongji Medical University, China; MS, Harvard University; MPH, Boston University

Research Interests

Assessment of drug safety assessment, clinical trials methodology, treatment and prevention of chronic disease and infectious diseases, role of the pharmaceutical industry in the public health arena


Dr. Cai has received extensive training in medicine, public health, epidemiology, and biostatistics. Dr. Cai has worked as an expert statistician and is currently a pharmaceo-epidemiologist in a pharmaceutical company. He designed and conducted all phases of clinical trials and observational studies to investigate the efficacy or safety of drugs for cancer, cardiovascular, dermatological, and respiratory diseases. Dr. Cai also conducted several longitudinal epidemiological studies to investigate the relationship of HIV transmission and sexual behaviors. His work involves preparation of study protocols, design of case report forms and databases, writing of analysis plans, implementation of data analysis, and co-authors of study reports and publications. His researches were mainly using quantitative methodologies. He joined Walden’s faculty in 2009 and teaches courses in statistics and epidemiology.