Reading and math set the foundation for a lifetime of successful learning. At Walden University, we have collaborated with leading experts in reading and mathematics instruction to design a program that incorporates the latest research and technology to maximize student achievement, combined with practical strategies to help build critical thinking skills.

Linda Gambrell, PhD

Dr. Gambrell is a professor of education in the Eugene T. Moore School of Education at Clemson University, is vice-president of the International Reading Association (IRA), and was a member of the IRA's board of directors. In 2004, she was elected to the Reading Hall of Fame. Her current research interests are in the areas of reading comprehension strategy instruction, literacy motivation, and the role of discussion in teaching and learning. She is co-editor of Literacy Teaching and Learning and serves on the editorial advisory boards of Reading Research Quarterly, Journal of Literacy Research, and Reading Research and Instruction.

Janet Scheer, PhD

As the executive director of Create a Vision, Dr. Scheer serves as a mathematics consultant and conference presenter for organizations throughout North America and Europe. She has taught extensively at both the elementary and secondary levels, and is a former professor of mathematics education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Dr. Scheer has authored numerous books, articles, and a textbook series to share her comprehensive expertise in practical, research-based strategies for teaching mathematics for understanding.

Diana Steele, PhD

Dr. Steele is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Northern Illinois University. She has written numerous articles for educational journals, including Teaching Children Mathematics, Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, and Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics. Dr. Steele has also been a presenter at national meetings for several organizations, including the American Educational Research Association, Research Council for Mathematics Learning, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Richard Vacca, PhD

Dr. Vacca was a professor for 23 years in the School of Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies in the College of Education at Kent State University. He has served on the board of directors of the College Reading Association (CRA) and received the CRA's A. B. Herr Award for Outstanding Contributions to Reading Education. A past president of the International Reading Association, Dr. Vacca is co-author of Content Area Reading: Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum and Reading and Learning to Read. He has taught reading and English at the middle school and high school levels.