PhD, Colorado State University; MS, Regis University

Research Interests

Introducing restorative justice and restorative practices to schools; exploring how we can create peaceful and caring relationships; exploring what young people want to learn about peace; exploring how schools can use restorative practices to respond to student wrongdoing and conflict in conjunction with a culturally appropriate pedagogy of classroom relationships


Dr. Cavanagh enjoys working with students engaged in research projects. He strives to take the fear out of “doing research” and make the experience practical. In particular, he helps students create projects that are achievable within the desired time frame by reducing the project’s scope to a manageable size. As a research methodologist, he is grounded in qualitative research and is also knowledgeable about quantitative research involving descriptive and inferential statistics. He is proficient in the use of SPSS and NVivo computer software and is skilled in the areas of bridging achievement gaps, creating learning communities, and engaging in profound change.