PhD, MA, Ohio State University; BA, The Evergreen State College

Research Interests

Issues of instructional and hypermedia design and development; technologies, policies, and practices of distance instruction; models of instruction and cognitive styles; training and curriculum design for in-service and pre-service teachers; impact of mass media and new technologies in shaping social identities; semiotics of resistance in mass media and schooling; translation technologies and linguistics; comparative systems of mass communication; social and cultural impact of telecommunication and the emerging applications of the Internet


Originally from Morocco, Dr. Almasude has lived in Morocco, Spain, France, Oman, and several U.S. states. He began his career as a high school teacher of French, Spanish, and Arabic and has served as a vice principal. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses and workshops on microcomputer applications, multimedia design, multimedia development, television production, video production, instructional design, and methods of instruction. He also served as a consultant in educational technology, linguistics, and cultural issues. Dr. Almasude can speak, read, and write proficiently in six languages: Tamazight, French, Spanish, Arabic, Darija, and English.