A child and women looking at a bookThe Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University has a long-standing reputation for actively supporting, sponsoring, and promoting research that contributes to advancements in the field of education. Walden shares the findings of the research we sponsor with all who might benefit and also uses the data to help measure, evaluate, and improve our own programs.

Additionally, Walden students, alumni, and faculty make considerable research contributions that have benefited not only the Walden community of learners but educators worldwide.

As proud proponents of shared learning and advancements in education, we invite you to explore the findings and summaries of some of the research that has been conducted.

    • Outcomes research brief cover

      Master’s Degrees and Teacher Effectiveness

      Can an advanced degree contribute to teacher effectiveness in the classroom? According to the results of a recently released independent study, master’s degrees are associated with improved student performance.
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      Linking Teacher Learning to Student Success

      A study done at Tacoma Public Schools in Tacoma, Washington compared the reading fluency of students taught by Walden-master’s educated teachers with those students taught by non–Walden-master’s educated teachers. The results centered on the impact on students’ reading success.
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      Five Myths cover

      Educators, Technology, and 21st-Century Skills: Dispelling Five Myths

      More than 1,000 K–12 teachers, principals, and assistant principals participated in a study that addresses five myths about technology use in education and educators’ perceptions about the effects of technology use on student learning, behaviors, and skills.
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      No Bullying

      On the Topic of Bullying

      Unfortunately, educators are all too familiar with bullying—in schools, in the workplace, and online. Read more on the topic by reviewing articles and research from those within the Walden community.
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