MA, Teaching and Mathematics, Western Governors University; BS, Physiological Science, UCLA; Certification in College Counseling and Mathematics, UCLA

Research Interests

Metacognitive practices in the mathematics classroom; creative instructional techniques focusing on mathematical analogies and metaphors; communication in the language of mathematics; assessment for learning (versus of learning)


Tanaz Arteaga has worked for private schools and universities in Southern California for a number of years in many capacities, including teacher/instructor, college counselor, academic coach, and administrator. She has learned and appreciated the administrative side of schools, but her heart is in teaching. She has taught mathematics from middle school to graduate college courses and also teaches life sciences and education courses. At Walden University, she teaches math sequence courses at the College of Undergraduate Studies.

Arteaga has been a part of the College of Undergraduate Studies since it opened. She helped revise the curriculum as a subject matter expert and worked with the mathematics team as a senior colleague and lead faculty. She finds the online collegiate experience a fascinating environment of diverse learners with numerous opportunities for thoughtful and thought-provoking exchange.
While in graduate school, Arteaga became interested in finding ways to make mathematics come alive in the classroom using analogies and creative metaphors. She also seeks to help students see the connections between topics by learning the “why” behind concepts while communicating them in the language of mathematics.

Based on this understanding, students fundamentally benefit from studying mathematics and the transferrable skills the field possesses. Arteaga firmly believes that every student is capable of mastering mathematics and seeing the beauty of the subject.

Arteaga takes pride in being available to and supportive of her students, and she is proud to call herself a “math nerd.” As such, her goal is that all of her students find joy in numbers and reach their highest level of achievement.