As a supplement to a non-political-science-major field of study, a minor in Political Science and Public Administration can provide you with valuable knowledge of public management. With this minor, you can also gain the skills to navigate successfully among private, government, and nonprofit sectors to effect positive change in your organization and community. Note: This minor is open to all bachelor’s degree students except those enrolled in the BS in Political Science and Public Administration program.

Completion Requirements

Required courses:

  • POLI 1001 American Government
  • PSPA 1003 Political Controversies
  • PSPA 2001 Principles of Public Administration

Choose three of the following courses (at least two courses must be upper level):

  • PSPA 1002 Global Issues in Politics
  • PSPA 2002 The Making of Public Policy
  • PSPA 3001 Constitutional Law
  • PSPA 3002 Ethics in Public Leadership
  • PSPA 3020 Principles of Public Personnel Management and Human Resources
  • PSPA 4020 New Skills for Leaders in the Public Sector

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