With this minor, you can gain knowledge and skills regarding psychological assessments in court, issues of criminal responsibility, criminal profiling, predicting dangerousness, eyewitness testimony, jury processes and decision-making. You will also explore the use of psychological knowledge in prisons and the psychology of criminal behavior. The minor courses cover the basic procedures for interviewing both witnesses and suspects and how to select appropriate assessment instruments used in the field of forensic psychology with children and adults. Note: This minor is open to all bachelor’s degree students except those enrolled in the BS in Forensic Psychology program.

Completion Requirements

Required courses:

  • FPSY 2101 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
  • FPSY 4111 Forensic Interviewing and Investigation
  • FPSY 4112 Forensic Assessment

Choose three of the following courses (two must be either 3000 or 4000 level):

  • CRJS 2003 Criminal Law
  • PSYC 2002 Human Development: Childhood & Adolescence
    PSYC 2003 Human Development: Adulthood
  • PSYC 2005 Social Influences on Behavior
  • CRJS 3002 Courts and Judicial Process
  • PSYC 3004 Psychological Disorders
  • CRJS 4102 Criminal Mind
  • CRJS 4203 Victimology

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