Elective Course

Take at least one additional general education course you have not already completed to meet the minimum requirements of 46 credits.

Foundation Courses

Many students find they need to refresh their skills in mathematics before taking college-level courses. The College of Undergraduate Studies offers a foundational course in mathematics to prepare students for success in their degree programs. This preparatory course has a much lower tuition cost than our college-level courses. The course does not apply to graduation and is not transferable to other institutions of higher education.

  • MATH 0090 - Basic Algebra

Elective Writing and Mathematics Courses

The following courses are designed to prepare you for your required composition or mathematics general education requirement. Course credit applies toward degree completion as elective credit but will not fulfill general education requirements.

  • ENGL 1000 - Academic Writing
  • MATH 1010 - Intermediate College Math
  • MATH 1020 - Intermediate Algebra