Choose two courses that will provide you with a basic understanding of mathematics and science.

(Minimum of two courses)

Course Code Course Title Credits
BIOL 1001
BIOL 1001e
Introduction to Biology 5
BIOL 2320 Nutritional Sciences 5
BIOL 3020
BIOL 3020e
Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology 5
MATH 1025
MATH 1025e
Exploring Mathematics in the Everyday World 5
MATH 1030 College Math 5
MATH 1040 College Algebra Concepts 5
NASC 1001 Environmental Science 5
PHSC 1001 Earth Science 5
SCNC 4001 Analyzing Contemporary Scientific Controversies 5
STAT 3001 Statistical Methods and Applications* 5

*May be taken as an alternative to MATH 1030 in the BS in Health Studies

Required in the BS in Accounting, BS in Business Administration, BS in Computer Information Systems, BS in Information Technology, BSN, and BS in Public Health degree programs.

Required in all other BS degree programs