Dawn HigginsEducation

PhD, MSW, The Catholic University of America; ABA/BS, Mount Saint Mary’s College

Research Interests

Trauma and loss; adolescent grief; traumatic brain injury; post-traumatic growth


Dr. Higgins is a core faculty member in Walden’s social work program and has more than 14 years of clinical practice experience. Dr. Higgins began her career at Hospice of Northern Virginia, working with adolescents and adults suffering from a traumatic grief. She continued her work in trauma and became a leading expert in the field of traumatic brain injury, developing a model of psychotherapy for individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Living and working in the D.C. area when 9/ll occurred, Dr. Higgins was called upon as an expert in grief. For her dissertation study, Dr. Higgins explored the worldview of young adults who were adolescents when a parent died on 9/ll.