Outstanding Alumni Award

Since 2001, Walden has recognized the achievements of our graduates through the Outstanding Alumni Award. This honor is given each year to one alum who exemplifies Walden’s mission to effect positive social change through contributions to his or her profession, discipline, or community.

Meet Our Award Winners

2016: Dr. John Henry Felix
A legacy of public service 8 decades in the making
2015: Crystal Johnson
Crystal Johnson 
Answering the call to battle Ebola
2014: Dr. Walter McCollum
Dr. Walter McCollum
Effecting positive change in South Africa, Haiti, and Costa Rica
2013: Dr. Jonas Nguh
Dr. Jonas Nguh
A commitment to volunteering
2012: Dr. Tia Campbell
Dr. Tia Campbell
Creating continuing education for nurses
2011: Dr. Gary Bickford
Dr. Gary Bickford
Comprehensive healthcare for the underinsured
2010: Ivy Garcia Zwicker
Dr. Garcia Zwicker
Advocate for autism treatment
2009: Dr. Prince Augustine Ordu
Augustine Ordu
Helps make clean water available in Nigeria
2008: Dr. Souror Baetjer
Dr. Souror Baetjer
Began continuing education allied health program
2007: Dr. Leo Parvis
Dr. Leo Parvis
Teaches cultural diversity and managing diversity
2006: Dr. David Boyd
Dr. David Boyd
U.S. Department of Homeland Security technology innovator
2005: Dr. Sharon Freeman
Dr. Sharon Freeman
Advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce

2004: Dr. Freida Pemberton

2003: Dr. Michael Wanko

2002: Dr. Craig Swenson

2001: Dr. Joy Erlichman Miller


Nominate a Graduate

Faculty, alumni, and students can nominate an alum who they believe best exemplifies Walden’s mission for the Outstanding Alumni Award by submitting the following:

  • Online nomination form
  • 500-word essay describing how the nominee has used his or her degree to make exceptional contributions to a profession, discipline, or community since graduation
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume, not to exceed 5 pages
  • Supporting videos, photos, or online images compiled in one Word document, not to exceed 1 page


To be eligible to win the Outstanding Alumni Award, nominees must:

  • Have earned a degree from Walden University.
  • Be available to attend the awards ceremony on July 15 in National Harbor, Maryland.
  • Be a first-time recipient.

Nominations for the Outstanding Alumni Award open each spring.