This award is bestowed upon a Walden student whose dissertation is judged as meeting the highest university standards of academic excellence.

It honors the dedicated life and distinguished career of one of the nation’s foremost experts in demography, Dr. Harold L. Hodgkinson, who also played an instrumental role in the establishment and academic development of this university.


2016: Dr. Wayne Wallace

2015: Dr. Joshua M. Garrin

2014: Dr. Elizabeth Moxley-Paquette

2013: Dr. Piroska Bisits Bullen

2012: Dr. Christopher Hinnerichs

2010: Dr. Carl Eckrode

2009: Dr. Christopher Charles Plum

2008: Dr. Lydia Apori-Nkansah

2007: Dr. Ronald Paige

2006: Dr. Nancy Musarra

2005: Dr. Stan Amaladas

2004: Dr. Janet Pershing