Walden's students and graduates are using the knowledge they've gained from their online degrees to make a difference around the world. Our story gallery features a sampling of their stories.


Unlocking secrets
PhD in Psychology

Dr. Nancy Musarra's PhD research may help unlock the secrets of Asperger's Disorder.


War's hidden wounds
PhD in Psychology

How one Walden graduate is helping soldiers whose injuries go beyond the physical.


What happens in Vegas...
PhD in Psychology

...is sometimes quite sad. But chaplain and PhD candidate Charles Bolin is there to help.


Public safety first
PhD in Management

David Boyd's PhD research is helping first responders respond more effectively.


Empowering women
PhD in Management

Dr. Sharon Freeman is helping disenfranchised women in foreign countries engage in global trade.


"Pay it Forward" 
MS in Nursing

Inspired by the book and movie, MS Degree in Nursing student Cynthia Hickman is doing just that.


Rebecca's "Walden" pond
MS in Education and EdD

Walden University inspired teacher Rebecca McLelland-Crawley to save a polluted pond.


A mother's passion
MS and PhD in Psychology

Susann Getsch's love for her special needs children inexorably led her here. To Walden University.


A dramatic change
PhD in Education

Judith DeVries left corporate America to help ex-offenders earn high school diplomas.


From GED to PhD 
PhD in Management

If you never stop learning, there's no telling how far you will go. Just ask Lorraine Priest.


Profits and ethics
PhD in Management

PhD student Kasthuri Henry passionately believes that profits and ethics are not incompatible goals.