Since Walden’s inaugural Social Change Impact Report in 2011 to determine the state of global social change, there have been numerous global events related to social change. One thing remains constant regardless of cause or location: Change is continuous, and it’s important.

View Walden's 2014 Social Change Impact Report here.Walden has attracted students who seek knowledge to advance their careers as well as address challenges in their communities and industries since our founding in 1970. We are deeply committed to improving human and social conditions by creating and applying ideas in order to advance society as a whole. The annual Social Change Impact Report illustrates one of the many ways we are leading and contributing to positive social change around the world.

The 2014 Social Change Impact Report builds upon findings from previous reports by examining people’s perceptions of the impact of their engagement in positive social change. The long- and short-term benefits are investigated, as well as how and to what extent they believe they are making a difference and how satisfied they are with their efforts and the efforts of others. In addition, the 2014 survey sheds light on the roles of both the younger and older generations in effecting social change.